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Sankarea 10

… I should really stop accumulating my backlog.  ヘ( ̄ー ̄)ヘ

She’s kind of cute.

So this episode we get to know Rea’s mother sad back story. Turns out to be Aria isn’t Rea’s real mom. I kind of felt sorry for Aria; despite being an ass on the first episodes, now we kind of know why she acted like that. Not really a excuse, but yeah.

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Sankarea 09

Mero-chan so cute. I’ve had already read about Mero seeing her mother on Rea, but actually seeing it was nice and heartwarming.

So this episode’s another filler. This show started out so nicely, now it’s going in a so slow pace that’s getting a bit annoying. Hopefully they are going to set up the speed like before really soon.