Accel World 10

After a painful week without Accel World, we get back with Haruyuki’s pimpness.


Oh you, Haruyuki.

Well, not so good eh, Haruyuki?

ヽ( ゜∀ ゜)ノ

And Kuroyukihime quickly saves the day!  ヽ(° ∇°)ノ

…Alright. So this episode team Kuroyukihime goes after the renamed Chrome Disaster, after Red King’s hard work, hurray!

I could do nothing for more time!

Red King changed topics so suddenly on here. Seems like she stayed a long time on the “unlimited” Accel World. I mean, she’s basically a kid, but got a mindset of.. someone older than a kid.

A wild burst linker appears… Ahh whatever.

But, on the way to Ikebukuro, what we find… is the Yellow King and his thugs. Turns out Red King’s tracking work was all a trap by him.  Oooh man. I did not expect that. Now what we do is wait for next week.


Even on Accelerated World, Haruyuki is still Haruyuki. Haruyuki, you card.

Too many pictures this post, sorry. >_>


One response to “Accel World 10”

  1. Justin says :

    It’s called picture spamftw >_<

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