Sankarea 10

… I should really stop accumulating my backlog.  ヘ( ̄ー ̄)ヘ

She’s kind of cute.

So this episode we get to know Rea’s mother sad back story. Turns out to be Aria isn’t Rea’s real mom. I kind of felt sorry for Aria; despite being an ass on the first episodes, now we kind of know why she acted like that. Not really a excuse, but yeah.

Rea papa, that’s a tad… not nice.

Dan’ichiro, you a tad creepy. Rea’s mama is dead and he couldn’t (can’t?) get over this fact. He was kind of okay younger, but still, to propose to a barely unknown disabled 15-year-old doesn’t save his back much, lol.

Aaaand this episode goes back on track and was pretty nice to watch. Hopefully now the following episodes will follow this one, last week’s filler was pretty boring to watch.


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